WIP Game Environment


This WIP is level from a working title being made in Unreal Engine 4. The game is melee based, so the level has a strong emphasis on open combat areas, a choke point lane and a courtyard obstructed by natural rock formations.


Below are some performance stats, using the highest presets @3440x1440p

Test System specs:
i7 5820k
GTX 1080ti


Below are some examples of materials used for the some of the assets in the scene. Utilising material functions, we are able to create a material library which will allow for master materials to be transformed and utilised for a number of different assets, reducing memory cost at the expense of shader instructions. Materials are separated using RGB channels for masking, and using blend functions, we can apply ambient occlusion and normals to break up a texture and eliminate signs of repetition on the surface.


Below are an example of the techniques used in the landscape material. Using the cameras relation to the absolute world position we are able to dynamically scale the grounds height map tessellation so that it decays over distance, reducing the triangle draw.

 Using vertex painting on the landscape coordinates, utilising height blend we are able to smoothly add Rock, sand and footpath materials on the surface. 

Dynamically changing the number of tiles using the camera allows for the materials to not look repetitive at greater distances. (Close UV/ Distant UV)