Work in Progress 90's Japanese Taxi Part 3: Unreal Engine

These are shots from Unreal Engine with the Taxi Imported with shaders and textures applied. Lighting was achieved using Raytracing in Unreal Engine 4.22.2. Shader details below.

The texture maps were added used with a Universal Material. I created this universal material to allow for modifications to Mask values, and tint adjustments to diffuse maps as well as the ability to toggle functionality for emission masks and opacity masks.there is also added control emission masks to use texture values instead. Below is the simple node, and the resulting instance material menu.

Materials were also made for the Taxi lights. The initial look when brought in was washed out and very flat plastic looking. In order to change this, I added camera based changes in colours, roughness and metallic parameters using fresnel in order to make a more reflector like appearance. Node tree and Exaggerated example below. This technique was also used with the headlight and taillight material instances to achieve a similar look beneath the covers.

Close-ups and extra shots of model below