Showreel 2020

Infiniti Project Video (Twitter source link)

Freelancer 3D generalist 

Key achievements:

  • Adapted universal procedural material workflow to go between Unreal Engine 4 and Redshift
  • Working and adapting to changing client briefs to satisfy and exceed client expectations

Roles and Responsibilities:
- Assisted in the production of presentation and promotion material for Infiniti for the Detroit motor show
- Shot lighting (Responsible for the lighting and lighting animations for shots 1,2,3 as well as assisting in general lighting for all other shots)
- Retopology of certain assets of the car
- Shot Sculpting of characters, as well as the modelling and shaders for all shoes and jewellery
- Character grooming via xGen in Maya, including shaders for hair
- Surfacing of some car assets

Freelance Artist: Samurai Zero (Unreal Engine Artist and Art Director)

Key achievements:

  • Developed modular architecture allowing for quick building of housing and structures, that can be built in different shapes and forms
  • Creating Procedural shaders that mimic true to life materials while maintaining modularity in grunge and detailing and tiling ability.
  • Sourcing materials and creating unique material for use in engine.

Roles and Responsibilities:
- ABN 
- Developing a materials pipeline for efficient and optimised generation of materials
- Technical supervising of outsourced modelling
- 3D modelling, texturing, surfacing
- Conceptual designing of environments
- Engaging in team meetings, providing feedback in all areas
- Meeting deadlines
- Creating themes that flow together and make a cohesive and immersive world
- Identifying new technical features and determining the implementation into the game’s visual design
- Creating pipeline structures and performance targets